Solar Guide   


1. Experience. How long a solar provider has been in business isn’t the only sign of a good provider, but it helps. Look for how many years they’ve been in business and how many systems they’ve installed. You want a solar company that’s been in business for at least 10 years!


2. Customer Rating. Customer ratings sometimes don’t tell the whole story, especially if the review is only about the initial phone call. But reviews and testimonials are good signs into the overall customer service and response time.

3. Workmanship. Look for certifications, licensed contractors and photos of completed jobs.

4. Final Solar Quote. A good solar provider will be clear and to the point. Make sure they list out all your estimated costs with the projected savings, system installation and maintenance costs, as well as product warranties to help protect your investment.

5. System Components. Look up what panels and inverters they offer. Some providers have a wide range of types. Solar Edge is a great invertor.

6. Timing. It’s a good idea to look at a solar providers average wait time for installation. Ask when they would schedule your installation.

7. Research on Google Reviews. Message the people that left the reviews on Google to gain a better insight on how the company took care of the customer.


  • There are alot of companies with fake reviews, so please do your research and read every review. You can even find the people on Facebook and see if they actually work for the company.


  • You need a solar company that has been in business for at 5- 7 years. ALOT, of companies, are popping up everywhere. There are just following a hot market.


  • Go To this site was made by Google and gives you the solar quote in 1 minute. The prices are very very accurate to more sure you are not getting overpriced.


  • Check their Facebook reviews a well and read all of them. Click the button on the review side that says show all on the reviews.


You need a company that has 10 years experience in the industry, has great reviews and proper financing. The average interest rates are around 3% to 4%.


Most solar companies need at least a 650 credit score to be approved for a loan.






Please Please do your research!!

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If You Can't Get to This Financial Model then Don't Go Solar

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