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All Solar Appointments Aren't Created Equally | Solar Appointments

As a solar professional, you know that every installation is different. But what you may not realize is that not all solar appointments are created equal. Just as no two roofs are the same, no two homeowners are looking for the same thing from their solar provider. In order to be successful, you need to understand the different types of solar appointments and how to approach each one. Keep reading to learn more about the three different types of solar appointments and what you should keep in mind for each one.

The virtual solar appointments are more popular because they're convenient for anyone who needs help installing their system. With an in-home appointment, there is no opportunity to see how your home would look with the new equipment before you buy it; which can make decision-making difficult when all those shiny boxes start staring at us from every direction!

The pros of choosing this option: You'll get accurate quotes without having go through any hassle or spending time traveling out-of town (or even worse yet - outside our city). Plus if anything happens after we've made plans but before work starts...we’ve got each other's backs as fellow homeowners here on autopilot :)

Setting appointments is one of the most important tasks of a call center Solar Appointment Setter. There are two types of appointments that a Solar Appointment Setter can set: Warm lead appointments and Cold lead appointments. A warm lead appointment is an appointment with a homeowner who has already shown interested in Solar by taking some sort of action, like requesting more information or attending a Solar seminar. A cold lead appointment is an appointment with a homeowner who has not shown any interest in Solar and is being contacted for the first time. It is important to note that just because an appointment is set, it does not mean that the homeowner is interested. The Solar Appointment Setter needs to be aware of what they are saying on the call to ensure that they are not setting unrealistic expectations for the homeowner and that the homeowner knows what to expect when Solar representative arrives for the appointment.

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