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  • Why don't I go to the major solar panel companies for a free consultation?
    Yes, most major solar panel companies do provide free consultations however, they are trained to sell you the solar panels once they end the consultation.
  • There are online calculators to find the best solar companies out there, why is there a need for you?"
    Alot of online solar company calculators could be outdated or aimed at pushing you towards certain companies for profit for profit. We proud ourselves in unbiased consulting.
  • What is the main benefit of booking a consultation with you?
    We are purely here to help the customer make the best decision in choosing the correct solar panels and with the right company. We are commission free and unbiased consulting.
  • How long with the consultation take?
    The energy audit takes between 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the size of the house.
  • Do you provide up to date technology with the solar industry?
    Yes, our solar energy consultants are constantly learning about the new technology and staying on top of the industry.
  • The majority of companies website have online consulting instantly, why would a waste my time and money?"
    We proud ourselves on in-person consulting and answer your every question you have about solar panels, instead of trying to Google and find all answers.
  • Our your consultants trained and certified in providing me with the right information about solar panels?
    Our consultants take weekly educational classes and webinars to stay on top of the consistent advancement in the technology of solar panels. We are obsessed of being know it alls.
  • With the 2018 30% tax on solar panels, will this raise the prices of solar panels?"
    This may raise the cost of solar panels, since the majority of solar panels are manafactured outside of the United States. The mian reason the 30% tariff was implented is to save the manafacturing jobs in the U.S. However, this may not be the best time to look for solar panels until the hype of the solar tariff calms down.
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