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Do your research before going solar!

Would you do research what type of car you would like to buy? Why wouldn't you with solar panels. I am not saying everyone doesn't do their diligent research for making a big purchase. However, solar panels are on your home up to 30 years. That's 3 times the life span of the average dog!! Ruff Ruff

Here is my perspective, there are alot of solar panel companies out there right now! Everyone saying their best in price, customer service, best efficiencies panels and on and on. Just like when you describe your child or trying to land that big corporate job you wanted. People inflate the truth to make themselves look better than the rest of the field! I am right...? It's natural human tendency. We want to make ourselves look special and unique , which everyone on the planet is! The cool hard truth, not every solar panel company stands up to this shiny and customer centered company they project when they want you to sign on the dotted line. Give it time and they prove themselves wrong : (

My best advice I can give you is research, research, research and some more research.

Main questions you should ask yourself when choosing a solar panel company is?

1.) How long have they been business for? You want at least 10 years

2.) How are their Google and Facebook reviews?

3.) How does their website look/ well designed/ poor put together?

4.) Do they have finance options?

5.) What type of warranties come with their solar panels?

I have solved all this research for you in a simple 20 minute presentation for the top solar panel companies here in Orlando! Let's be honest, we are in a information overload culture now and the last thing we need is more information. I love helping people make their lives easier and especially making the right choice in what company they should choose to go solar with! Book with me at . You will glad you did, ya'll com back now ya hear!

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