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1.)Unbiased consulting with upfront information.


2.) No sales presentations, just cold hard facts about lead generation and how to grow your business.

3.)We will provide you the best ways to grow your business on social media, so you are certain you are choosing the right platform.


Matt was very informative! He came to our house when it was convenient for us, which we have noticed a lot of other companies aren’t doing. We were interested in heating our pool but learned how solar could help us in other aspects of our home, too! We appreciated an unbiased opinion from a company not out to make a profit off of us! I’d highly recommend learning all about solar from these guys!


I thought the presentation was very informational and had a lot of value. The presentation made me believe in solar and the companies he recommended were highly ranked on Google and Facebook. The Advisement was definitely worth it!


Stephen is very knowledgeable and friendly. The best part is he is there to answer questions and not make it feel like you are required to purchase. He is genuine about his business and willing to help!

Why you should run social media ads

  • Knock on 100 doors a day with ads 

  • Sell your company online

  • Be control of your leads

  • Lower your cost per lead

  • Have an in-house lead generation machine



The Screenshare


Live Interactive educational session


The best strategies to grow your business online


  • Retargeting Ads

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Social Proof

How to leverage Social Media for your Solar Panel Companies!




Having up to date testimonials to key for your business to succeed in this competitive market. Too add, if you can receive video testimonials from your happy customers then even better.

Create Content

The more content the better and the more niche and personal, well that's your branding. Building a personal brand behind your business is one of the greatest ways to gain trust from your potential customers.


Have you noticed that majority of popular content on Facebook, Instagram and Linkeldn is in video from. If you aren't creating videos for your solar company , you are leaving money on the table.



Get honest reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Home Advisor and BBB. Clients need to be certain your company will provide them with the best customer service and get a fair price. Do your research before calling any company.




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Meet The Team

Stephen Burkhalter


Stephen studied Public Relations at the University of Central Florida. While working in the hospitality industry, he switched careers into the renewable energy as a Senior Energy Consultant in 2014. He became obsessed with the industry and decided the way solar panel companies conducted their sales needed to change. His goal is to help reputable solar panel companies succeed in their business.

Melisa Rohrbach


Melisa went to the University of Florida. She is a mother two beautiful sons and lives in Central Florida. In her career , she has held many prestigious positions. She was a Senior Sales Consultant for Tesla and also still currently, runs a very successful real estate brokerage too. She is the definition of a entrepreneur.

Joshua Coates

Business Consultant

Joshua is currently the President of Rebounderz, a multi-million dollar family entertainment center. He's been with the company for over 10 years. He is on Stephen's side for marketing,  client relations and business strategies. It's one thing Josh knows, is building a successful business takes a lot of patience and hard-work. 

Spencer Kraus

Onboarding Director

Spencer is a well accomplished business owner and marketing agent. He has multiple clients of his own in the fitness industry. His commitment to high standards is unparrell and makes the client well valued.

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