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How much do Solar Panels Costs?

How much do solar panel cost? It's a mystery for a lot of people and all the searching gets people frustrated. Do you really want to Google , how much do solar panels cost for 2 hours ? Maybe get a estimated price.

Let's make it simple and understable for you and your family. Just to be clear, I get majority of all this information from national credited websites from, and Also, from top realtors in Orlando and sales representatives from Sunrun and Tesla.

The price breakdown for solar panels in Florida are shown below.

  • The average size of a solar panel system is 5kwh. Which is 5,000 kilowatts.

  • 5k system equals to 5,000 watts. ( 1k equals = 1,000 watts)

  • The average Floridan pays per watt is $3.14 for solar panels.

  • 5,000 watts times 3.14= $15,700 average cost of a solar panel.

  • Did I confuse you?

l'll break it down again.

  • You pay $3.14 a watt on for solar panels.

  • Average size for solar panels are 5,000 watts.

  • 5,000 times 3.14= $15,700 average cost for solar panels.

  • Now, if you own the panels. You can receive a 30% tax credit on the solar panels.

  • That’s a savings of $4,710.

  • $15,700 - $4,710= $10,990 after you apply the tax credit towards the solar panels.

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