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Did you know Google can save you money?

Do you use Google Maps, Google Flights or who doesn't use Google? Just type in Google ( Project Sunroof ) . It was a skunks work project done by the people at Google. A skunk works project is a project a team works on between their normal working hours, to try to innovative Google even more by working on these very projects!....That's how Google Maps and Google Flights got created.

So, Project Sunroof is designed for homeowners looking to go solar. It uses Google Earth imaginary from its satellite to find your roof and calculate if your roof is suitable for solar panels or not. Cool right? As you know, you have to question everything nowadays, is Project Sunroof accurate? I am here to share with you it is! Almost too good!

I meet up with one of the most prominent solar panel company here in the United States and shared with them my findings of Google's Project Sunroof at my local Starbucks for a quick 20 minute meeting. He checked the numbers and calculations and sure enough they matched up almost done to the dollar! SO, here me out---------If you are reading this because you are interested in solar panels for your home, then go on Project Sunroof now! Check the numbers for yourself and spend time on the application you will be glad you did! If Google stands behind a technology then you know you are in good hands with Project Sunroof. Eliminate the BIG QUESTION MARK, HOW MUCH DOES SOLAR PANELS REALLY COST?

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